52'nd. Annual Picnic
August 12, 2012

Reverand Troy Maiden
Reverand Troy Maiden started the day.
Early in the day, people kept coming in all day long.
A perfect summer day. Early in the day, people kept comiing in all day.
bean tent
Bean tent. Great Pinto beans & cornbread.
corn tent
Corn tent. Lots of other food was inside the hall too.
newest baby
Winner of the newest baby award, Layton Kanus - 5 months.
longest married couple
Winners of the longest married couple award, Jessie and Charles Reeves - 62 years.
Kentucky Queen Mother
Winner of the Kentucky Queen Mother award, Dorothy Coblentz - 80 years old.
Kentucky King Father
Winner of the Kentucky King Father award, David Barnes  - 96 years old.

club officers
Club officers, they keep the club up and running. Great job!
happy couple
Tom & Chris.
Larry Webster and the Mule Band
Larry Webster and The Mule Band from Kentucky.
One of the many good bands that came out and played.
band2 0565
0566 0578
0579 Tom and Jean